Release 1.2.2 of Dec-2015

Changes in JSR-331 API

  • Modified the JSR331-COIN interface for the linear solver COIN CLP to support its latest release 1.8.0
  • New standard implementations for sum(Var[]) and scalProd(int[],Var[])
  • Now you may use the operator “Is” as a synonym for “=” and “Is Not” as a synonym for “!=”
  • Added defaults implementations of deprecated methods post (int[], var[],…) and similar methods in the standard package that allowed us to remove them from solver-specific implementations (Choco, Constrainer, and others)
  • Added a Solution’s method save() saves found results back to the constrained variables included into the solution
  • Added a Problem’s method public Constraint linear(VarString var1, String oper, VarString var2)
  • Added a Problem’s method postAllDiff(VarString[] varStrings)
  • Added a Solution’s method public String getValueString(String name) that returns a value of the sting solution variable with the given name or throws a RuntimeException if the variable is not bound.
  • Added a VarString method public String getValue(int index) that returns a string with an index “index” from the domain of this string constrained variable