Release 1.2.3 of December 2016

Changes in JSR-331 API

  • Added an ability to limit execution time for linear solver using the standard Solver’s method setTimeLimitGlobal(int milliseconds)
  • Fixed an error in the interpretation of in-feasible solutions for the linear solver COIN CLP release 1.8.0
  • Improved implementations for sum(Var[]) and scalProd(int[],Var[])
  • Now you may add a new search strategy to log some text between other search strategies using Solver’s method addStrategyLog(String text) that may help to explain the execution sequencing
  • Now an instance of the class Schedule of the scheduling package “javax.constraints.scheduler” may use the method “postAllDiff(Activity[] activities)” to state that all incuded activities do not overlap. This method is much more efficient to compare with the traditional use of a “fake” disjunctive resource.